The Baseline Ep 185 | Wade County Comes Home to Chicago| Summer League Impressions |

Just when you think Free Agency couldn’t get more bizarre, leave Dwayne Wade and Pat Riley to put a little extra Heat on the drama that was NBA Free Agency. We discuss the shocking outcome that Dwayne Wade after 13 seasons with the Heat has chosen to play the 2016-17 NBA Season with the Chicago Bulls. Who wins? Who Loses and where do the rosters go from here? Much to discuss on the Breakdown of this unprecedented move by one Miami’s most herald sports figures.

We also give first look impressions on the NBA Summer League from Orlando Utah and Las Vegas. Who impressed Who Regressed? We weigh in on the Lottery Picks making their debuts, and the rooks who quietly made noise on the floor. 

A lot to take in so sit back Download and Discuss