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The Baseline is a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Cal “GameFace” Lee and Dime Magazine’s Warren Shaw delving into trades, match ups, analytics, free agency, player features and more. If it is happening in the NBA, The Baseline is covering it.


Latest Episode:


Shaw pops collars in LA during All Star Weekend. We discuss All Star Night. If it was worth the Hype? And whether   All Star Game lived up to its fame after the Format Changes..

We discuss players who are likely to become Buy Out Potential and possible destinations that could enhance teams chances to make playoff strides. In our seg of "The Drop" we go in on the Sacramento Kings, is there a true method or is all just madness with the direction that this team is headed.

In a wild day of trades, we breakdown the most important trades including the roster overhaul by the Cavs and the we also look at the impact of the moves made. Also on the Drop we define our WTH moments of NBA D-DAY Download and Discuss!

We discuss the Blockbuster trade with Blake Griffin being dealt to the Pistons for some picks, and spare parts. We also dive into the Boogie Cousins injury, and whether Mike Conley will be a true HEEL in Memphis with his season ending injury

This week we go beyond the Parquet as Nathan Lindberg, Twitch TV, and Lang Whitaker, Grind City Media, NBA.com, join our show to discuss how NBA2K League and Esports is the next Big Thing in the NBA and Sports Entertainment

We breakdown the fallout from the Firing of Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd. Will this stymie the ascension of the "Greek Freak" or is this move by GM John Horst the kind of bold decision making needed to take that next step. We discuss

This week on the Breakdown: We look at the major trades in the offseason and assess whether teams got Bang for their Buck or Buyer's Remorse? Also on the Drop We make our Predicts for All-Star Reserves. Can Dame 'Dollar' finally get that nod?!

This week we discuss some of the rumors swirling on players like DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol and others on the move. We also present our TRU-Mid Season Awards

This week we have friends in high places on board for a jam packed show. In our "Breakdown" Ryan Wolstat ,Toronto Sun, helps us discuss why the Toronto Raptors are one of the most dangerous teams no one is discussing. In "The Drop" the NBA continues to amp up its presence in the digital world rolling out a new platform called E-Coach. David Fogel, Executive Director of the NBA Coach's Association and Collier Mills, Director of Business Operations at eCoach join us to explain the platform and how it can revolutionize the way we teach the game.

We breakdown what we remember about 2017 and give our New Years Resolutions for 2018. And yes it means more Cal-Spiracy Theories!

With Big Shaw on vacay, GameFace Lee attempts to hold it down and preview the Christmas Day Games. Sixers at Knicks Cavs at Warriors Wizards at Celtics Rockets at Thunder Timberwolves at Lakers

While my Co-Host was cruising tropical islands, he found time to help me explore how the Denver Nuggets have managed to keep up with the pack in the Western Conference. Are they poised to trend upward or are they just Fools Gold? Also in "The Drop" Shaw and I find the Good Players on some Bad and Ugly Teams. We channel our Clint Eastwood with a fist full of Frustration to pay our respects to those who endure immense suffering while continuing to ball-out.

We lay out the most significant storylines that have defined the 1st Quarter of the NBA season including the Rockets on Fleet, Celtics Elite, Pacers and Oladipo crashing the Central Division party. Rookies playing they don't have an R tattooed on their forehead. Its pretty good to be an NBA Fan and you don't even know it right now. Also we discuss the ramifications of the Sixers-Nets trade moving Jahlil Okafor to the Brooklyn Zoo, can the 2015 Lottery pick get the opportunity to ball out. We discuss the impact of the trade and what this means for each team moving forward.

On our next episode Clipper Darrell, Host of The Fan Truth (DASH Radio), and a well respected Outspoken LA Clipper savant states his case to prosecute & execute the tenure of Doc Rivers. Oh make no mistake Clipper Darrell goes All In on DOC