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The Baseline is a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Cal “GameFace” Lee and Dime Magazine’s Warren Shaw delving into trades, match ups, analytics, free agency, player features and more. If it is happening in the NBA, The Baseline is covering it.


Latest Episode:


Friend and Grizzles Connoisseur , Joe Mullinax, jumped on our show and burned a little midnight oil to try and decipher how and why head coach David Fizdale was axed by the Memphis Grizzlies Monday. We discuss the Fallout and why the Grit in this franchise may have Grinded to a halt.

We discuss impact players who've found early season Hoops Redemption, our "Redeem Team". Also, joining us on segment "The Drop" Shashank Bhargava founder of 3Ball.io will give us the goods on why this is one of the fastest growing website in the NBA Community.

John Karalis, Reds Army and Locked on Celtics, breaks down Celtics Impressive Win Streak and why they aren't NBA Finals Ready but they getting there. In our segment of "The Drop", its out first Who Ya Got and we put stress on the cranium for you to choose from Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid. Who do you start your franchise with?

This Week feature writer Duncan Smith, from Pistons Powered, joins us to BREAKDOWN how the Pistons are firing on all cylinders and sparking NBA Attention. On 'The DROP' we weigh in on the Bledsoe-Monroe deal between the Suns and Bucks. Who were the winners losers and who has made strides for their future?

Who are the best Frontcourts in the NBA? With all of the attention on the backcourt. We give our top 3 NBA Frontcourts. We also do a little Over/Under on some below the radar ballers.

We breakdown Players who are giving us a Treat with dazzling NBA Play or is just trickery on what they display. Also in the Drop we breakdown maligned players Eric Bledsoe and Jahlil Okafor and how important they need to be moved from their respective teams. Can it be done and what will these tainted ballers worth be on the market?

We breakdown Week 1 State of Play in the NBA. We also weigh in on the firing of Earl Watson as Head Coach of the Suns…Raw Deal?

NBA Feature Writer Kelly Scaletta joins the boys as we put on those daunting "Schwami" hats and give our NBA Award predictions

We preview the Atlantic Division which is vibrant with talent and uncertainty. Can the Celtics replicate last year's 53 win season with 4 new starters including Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward on their roster ? Will the combination of Lowry and Derozan be enough for the Raptors to regain control of the Divison? Will the process finally come to progress with the Sixers? Can Kristaps Porzingis shoulder the Knicks in the Post Melo Era? What exactly will the Brooklyn Nets look like on the court this season? We break it all down and give our predicts on where each team finishes in the latest ep of The Baseline.

Its all about the Cavs again, but can the Young Guns in Milwaukee put King James on Crash Land Alert? Is Myles Turner "the man" in Indiana? Do the Pistons show hope or Hype? And how bad is in it Chicago for Hoiberg and the Bulls

We breakdown the nuance of the Carmelo Anthony Trade and whether this elevates the Thunder to a contender in the West

We breakdown each team in the Pacific and why the young talent may make this division must see TV

Cal Lee goes Gang Green on the Isaiah Thomas article in the Players Tribune

We weigh in on the sale of the Houston Rockets. Is this a positive move for Harden and future of the Franchise?