The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 29: Baby Bulls look to repeat in Summer League and Rebuilding vs. Tanking

The guys are back this week after the holiday to talk about the start of the NBA offseason. After one week of NBA free agency, the Bulls have been quiet as expected this summer. The Bulls cut ties with Rajon Rondo and lock up Christian Felicio. Will they throw money at Nikola Mirotic to stay long term? Matt and Jordan don’t understand the logic.

After the Eastern Conference has been depleted, the guys dive into a heavy debate whether or not the Bulls are rebuilding or tanking. Is there a difference? Jordan believes there is a clear distinction and the Bulls might be on the wrong end of it. Could the Bulls be better than we are expecting? Matt believes the Baby Bulls will be a bottom feeder next year.

The guys finish up by talking about winners and losers through one week of free agency. How has the shift in conferences affected the Bulls strategy? Are fans willing to wait now that the rebuild is in motion? All of this and so much more on the Debate-A-Bulls.