The Debate-A-Bulls Ep. 31: Derrick Rose, Kyrie/LeBron feud, and Bulls future free agency

The guys are back with a brand new episode and start the show with Derrick Rose. He has signed a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the guys talk about what kind of impact he could have on their team. Will he be a legitimate piece to help the Cavaliers to an NBA Finals? What kind of relationship will LeBron be able to have with Derrick Rose? The guys also talk about the irony of asking for a max contract.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have become one of the biggest conversations in the NBA. Kyrie wants out and how that could affect the entire swing of the NBA. Jordan explains the atmosphere in which players communicate and interact in 2017. Social Media has become a landscape for petty play among opponents and now teammates. The guys also talk about Kyrie and Jimmy Butler’s relationship and if that could have been something in Cleveland or Chicago.

The guys finish up with talking about the future of free agency in Chicago. The Bulls have found themselves in a unique spot to spend money in the summer of 2018, but will they be able to land top free agents? How the timeline of the Bulls rebuild seems to still be skeptical and how it could be altered as soon as next summer. All of this and so much more on The Debate-A-Bulls.