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You have stumbled across the best Chicago Bulls therapy show on the air. The voice of true Chicago Bulls fans lies here in this show. On one side it’s Jordan Maly, Editor at FanSided and Chicago Bulls savant. On the other, it’s Matt Peck, NBA Writer and co-host of the 312 Podcast at Sports Mockery. Let the debate begin!

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The guys break down another ridiculous week for the Chicago Bulls, focusing on the aftermath of Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic's fight in practice. The guys spend most of the episode talking all angles of this embarrassing and costly fight. What sparked this fight between the two and how long has this feud been going on? We talk about the word 'Culture' and how the Bulls front office sees what they are building. Are the Bulls, the ones with the most championships in Chicago, a laughing stock of their own league? How will the injury to Mirotic and the suspension to Portis change the dynamic of the roster on opening night? Some questions about the roster and expectations for the season. We also talk Gordon Hayward injury and scorch Skip Bayless. All of this and so much more on the Debate-A-Bulls. Live on Dash Radio every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a.m. Central Time.

The guys review the Bulls pre-season games over the weekend including Kris Dunn's injury and Lauri Markkanen's debut. How long will Dunn be out and how will that affect rotations starting the season? Who might be someone that the Bulls look for production from while Dunn is out? Lauri Markkanen returned from injury and debuted with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan and Matt tell you why they are not concerned with his less than impressive first night at the United Center. The guys go through some of the improvements Markkanen can make in his rookie season. How will the frontcourt of the Bulls shake out as the season starts? It's time to find out what we have in Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis. Finally, a conversation about the possible restructuring of the NBA Playoffs. Do you like the idea of the NBA going to a 1-16 seed and how could that affect the balance in competition in the NBA. We also talk briefly

The guys are back with a brand new episode and so is the NBA pre-season! We have the breakdown of the Bulls first two games. What were some of the biggest surprises we saw in the first real live game action? Should we be at all concerned about the way Kris Dunn looks so far? The guys explain how Bulls fans will need to try and temper what they are seeing on the court this season. Jordan and Matt talk through some of the harsh realizations of cheering for a team that has decided to rebuild. How are Bulls fans going to react mid-season? We also talk about the rumor of General Manager Gar Forman in talks of a contract extension. All of this and so much more on the Debate-A-Bulls.

The guys are back with a brand new episode discussing what turns out to be a rather busy weekend for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls first announced that they have resigned Nikola Mirotic to a multi-year deal. Jordan and Matt have questions as to why they brought back Niko and if it stunts the growth of younger players like first round pick Lauri Markkanen. Does the front office not want to admit to another swing and a miss on draft night with Mirotic? What came as a complete surprise, the Bulls and Dwyane Wade agreed to a buyout on Sunday which leaves Wade a free agent and the Bulls officially blowing up the Three Alphas. Did GarPax get more back than most fans thought? What will be the most memorable moment from Wade's lone season in Chicago? Which landing spot will Wade ultimately choose in free agency? Finally, the guys touch on the entire Bulls Media Day filled with plenty of audio

The guys are back with a brand new episode! The Chicago Bulls bring back another notable name in Doug Collins, hiring him as a special advisor reporting to the GarPax regime. How did this hire sit with fans and did it really make anyone any more excited for the future? How will Doug Collins impact the future decision-making in the Bulls front office? Or is he merely just there to become GarPax's last version of a 'Yes Man'? What will his role be with the team as a special advisor and how does this get them closer to winning a championship? Is Gar Forman on his way out? All of this and so much more on a new episode of the Debate-a-Bulls.

The guys are back with an extended length episode with plenty of topics to debate. The Bulls sign young Center Diamond Stone to a contract, the NBA and Nike have an unveiling of the new jerseys for 2017-18, and the NBA might be looking at a possible reconstruction. What would this mean for the Bulls plans of rebuilding? Should there be panic from Bulls fans that they land on the top of the NBA Draft this upcoming season? The guys take a look at the summer Lauri Markkanen has had as he recently ends his time in the EuroBasket tournament overseas. They wrap up the show talking about Cameron Payne's injury, Nikola Mirotic's mystery contract, and Kevin Durant taking social media to another level.

The guys are back with a brand new episode and start the show talking about the full schedule the Bulls will face this season. The guys also touch on the new jersey deal with Nike and how it will affect the Bulls uniforms in the future. They discuss some possibilities for the alternates and also reflect on since retired uniforms. The bulk of the show consists of answering questions and sharing stories from you! We had the listeners email, tweet or text us and decided to hit on some of the best responses. The conversations include Nikola Mirotic mystery, Dwyane Wade's basketball leadership, and Nerlens Noel. All of this and so much more on The Debate-A-Bulls. Remember you can submit your questions or stories to bullsabpn@gmail.com or tweet at us @Debateabulls.

The guys are back with a brand new episode and start the show with Derrick Rose. He has signed a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the guys talk about what kind of impact he could have on their team. Will he be a legitimate piece to help the Cavaliers to an NBA Finals? What kind of relationship will LeBron be able to have with Derrick Rose? The guys also talk about the irony of asking for a max contract. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have become one of the biggest conversations in the NBA. Kyrie wants out and how that could affect the entire swing of the NBA. Jordan explains the atmosphere in which players communicate and interact in 2017. Social Media has become a landscape for petty play among opponents and now teammates. The guys also talk about Kyrie and Jimmy Butler's relationship and if that could have been something in Cleveland or Chicago. The guys finish up with talking

The guys are back with a brand new episode getting you up to speed on the last two weeks of Bulls news. Jordan and Matt discuss how the Bulls looked in Summer League (not good) and any bright spots heading into training camp. What are the Bulls going to do with Cameron Payne? The guys talk about Nikola Mirotic and where the Bulls might be at in signing him. What Niko is looking for might not be what his value is. Could the Bulls end up signing and dealing Mirotic? Who are the other valuable chips the front office can trade to help spark this rebuild? We finish up talking about Zach LaVine's potential superstardom in Chicago and how he could be a great face for the organization. A crowd-funded '#FireGarPax' billboard was put up on the corner of Lake and Racine, a mile from the United Center. Hilarious statement to the team or a waste of money? All of this and

The guys are back this week after the holiday to talk about the start of the NBA offseason. After one week of NBA free agency, the Bulls have been quiet as expected this summer. The Bulls cut ties with Rajon Rondo and lock up Christian Felicio. Will they throw money at Nikola Mirotic to stay long term? Matt and Jordan don't understand the logic. After the Eastern Conference has been depleted, the guys dive into a heavy debate whether or not the Bulls are rebuilding or tanking. Is there a difference? Jordan believes there is a clear distinction and the Bulls might be on the wrong end of it. Could the Bulls be better than we are expecting? Matt believes the Baby Bulls will be a bottom feeder next year. The guys finish up by talking about winners and losers through one week of free agency. How has the shift in conferences affected the Bulls strategy? Are fans willing to wait now that

The guys are back this week talking about the brand new Chicago Bulls. The Bulls introduced Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen on Tuesday and held a press conference for the first time since draft night. The guys talk about some of the most important aspects of the press conference and attitude going forward from the players. Jordan talks about why he thinks Zach LaVine is going to be a hit with Chicago fans. The guys dissect their feelings about Jimmy Butler no longer being in Chicago and how the front office treated him on his way out. Jordan and Matt believe the front office has been pushing powerful assets out of town for years. Did the front office choose Fred Hoiberg over Jimmy Butler in terms of the future? All indications point to yes. The Debate-A-Bulls wraps up with Kenyon Martin talking trash about Joakim Noah. Martin believes he could play Noah for his contract and beat him. We talk about

The guys are back with an emergency podcast after last night's NBA Draft. The Bulls have finally picked a direction and traded away three-time All-Star Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Jordan and Matt break down the entire trade and tell you why they are not that mad. Join us as we talk through every aspect of this Bulls trade and their transition into a rebuild. Will the brand new direction the Bulls have be something fans will buy into? Did the Bulls panic about Butler and ship him off for too little? Why did they throw in the No. 16 pick? All of this and so much more on the Debate-A-Bulls.

The guys are back and have plenty of to talk about with the latest Jimmy Butler rumors. The guys shuffle through each of the teams that have supposed interest in Jimmy Butler. Could this finally be the time that the front office decides to hit the reset button? Matt and Jordan might not think that's the case. What are the odds that the Bulls will finally find a deal worth selling Jimmy Butler. The guys talk about the possibility of Butler staying with the Bulls long term. Dwyane Wade picks up his player options just hours before the draft amidst the Butler trade rumors. Did that have any affect on why Butler was backing down a trade from Cleveland? Jordan has a theory that the Cavaliers blew an opportunity to acquire Butler in a deal on Wednesday. The guys give their final picks before the NBA Draft on Thursday night. If the Bulls do not move into the Top-5, who will they be taking

The guys are back with another episode in which they talk NBA Finals. Lebron James after the first two losses to Golden State says that "it's just a game, it's just basketball" when asked about what was at stake. LeBron seems to be back to the same tone he had in 2015. What can Cleveland do to salvage this series? The guys talk about the possibility of Jimmy Butler staying with the Bulls long term. Jimmy sat down with the Bulls front office this week to discuss the future. What do his implications for wanting to stay in Chicago mean for the future of the rest of the team? The front office remains adamant about returning the same roster from this past season in 2017-18. Wrapping up the show includes how the front office will approach the 2018 year of flexibility. Will the Bulls finally be able to strike gold with a free agent if Jimmy Butler is here long term? Do