The LLP Ep. 107: LouWill Limbo – How Lou Can You Go? (Deep Dive Into the Most Realistic Trade Scenarios + A Lost Faith in the Front Office)

If there’s a LouWill, there’s a way!… to find a trade for him, that is! + A sad look into our despondency towards the Front Office’s backwardness over the last half-decade.

We’ve reached that tipping point folks.

Join us as we get all Lit and Hot Takey on the following topics:

– Lakers News (D’angelo’s absence, Brandon Ingram’s continued progress) -[6:48]

– Recalibrating Our Expectations for a Lou Williams Trade & What’s the Least We’ll Take Back For Lou (A Complete Deep Dive of Realistic Trade Scenarios) -[17:16]

– Finally Challenging the Front Office’s Archaic Backwardness the last Half-Decade – [54:22]

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