The LLP Ep. 108: The Art of Tanksy (Embrace the Tank? + Introduction to the Top 2017 NBA Draft Prospects)

Happy Year of the Rooster! We can only hope the Lakers wake up to the rooster’s crow in this new year – by way of the Chinese calendar, that is – and get things going in the right direction! Now…is that direction more wins or more losses for the draft win??

Join us as we take a deep dive into what it means for the Lakers to embrace Tankapalooza 2017 and delve into a Who’s Who of the best lotto prospects to closely monitor and observe in this year’s draft class.

We also talk a lot more Zubac Uprising and Brandon Ingram’s recent slumpage.

  • [5:50] – Lakers News (Ingram and DLO at the Rising Stars Game, DLO Back Soon, Zubac’s Double-Double Surge, Concerns Over Ingram’s Donut Slump?)
  • [21:44] – Time to Embrace the Tank? (What does it mean to “embrace the tank”? Are the Lakers bad enough?)
  • [33:42] – Breaking Down the Best Prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft Class (+ How do they fit with the current team? Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith, Josh Jackson, and more!)

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