The LLP Ep. 126: How to Kill A Mocking “Bird” (When Trust the Process Goes Too Far + What Larry Bird Stepping Down Means for a PG13 Trade)

Wow, we still can’t believe Paul George is a Laker!
It’s incredible, really.
Oh wait, he’s not? Well…all in due time. All. In. Due. Time.
In the meantime, join us as we delve deeper into:
  • Listener Questions (What position would PG13 play if he comes to the Lakers? Could Lakers take on salary dumps this summer to extract assets?) – (6:31)
  • The Dangers of Asset Coddling/Asset Horde-ing & Checking Ourselves on Over-Trusting the Process. – (12:58)
  • What Larry Bird Stepping Down & Kevin Pritchard Taking Over Means for the Pacers…for the Lakers. – (29:40)

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