The LLP Ep. 127: Trading Paces (ft. Pacers’ “8 Points, 9 Seconds” Writer, Hunter Kuffel, on the Indiana Fan Perspective + Forming A Paul George Deal)

Continuing our 38-part BBC Mini-Series “Paul George to the Lakers”, in this episode – we dine with the enemy and talk to someone from The Other Side who can give us a more objective and realistic perspective on Larry Bird, a Paul George Trade, the Pacers’ Outlook, and what Pacers Fans are feeling.

Listen up as Indiana Pacers’ “8 Points, 9 Seconds” Co-Expert/Writer Hunter Kuffel joins our show to shed some light on ALL things Indiana Pacers, Paul George, and the Lakers’ role in all of that.

  • Intro + Paul George & Disneyland rides. – (0:00)
  • Interview w/ Pacers “8 Points, 9 Seconds” Hunter Kuffel – (6:55)
  • LLP Interview Recap – (33:25)
  • Lakers Front Office Continues to Clean House Up Top – (40:09)
  • Chad Ford – Lakers Would Take Lonzo Ball over Fultz at #1?? – (51:31)

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