The LLP Ep. 134: Have Our Cake & Eat It ZO2 ( Paul George Puts League On Notice: He’ll Be A Laker + Boston/Philly Fultz Trade Implications + Final NBA Draft Thoughts)

This is the final podcast episode BEFORE the 2017 NBA Draft AND before Lonzo Ball AND Paul George become Lakers.

Nothing exciting is happening in the NBA or Lakers Land in general. Trust Us.

Here are all of the ‘non-happenings’:

  • (03:17) – Reactions to BOS – PHILA Fultz Trade & How It Affects the Lakers.
  • (12:37) – Debating Hinkie’s Trust The Process Strategy.
  • (19:22) – How Real Was the Lakers’ Interest in Fultz? Why the Workout Leaks?
  • (28:32) – Paul George Mass Chaos
  • (32:51) – Is This A Ploy to Really Get PG LA or to Get The Cavs & Bos to Trade For Him…or Both?
  • (35:30) – Theory On Why PG Leaked This All of a Sudden
  • (40:45) – Should Pacers Fans Be Glad PG Was Transparent Or Mad That He Shot Their Leverage?
  • (44:37) – Why Pritchard & Bird Being Petty & Shipping PG Off To Any Team But the Lakers May Backfire.
  • (47:56) – Who Poses the Biggest Trade Partner Threat For PG?
  • (53:20) – What Does the Final Deal for PG13 Look Like? Is the Lakers Looking For A 2nd Lotto Pick Connected to a PG Trade?
  • (58:06) – One Last Time: Why You Trade for PG NOW.
  • (1:01:52) – How Much Does PG/DLO/Randle Having the Same Agent Factor In?
  • (1:05:57) – Final 2017 NBA Draft Thoughts – Lonzo? + PG Trade?
  • (1:08:34) – Jerry West…A Clipper?

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