The LLP Ep. 138: Cap Me Outside, How Bow Dah (2017 NBA Free Agency Primer & Lakers Cap Analysis w/ Keith Smith Of RealGM & The NBA Front Office Show)

It’s that time of the year again… FREE AGENCY!!! Or as the Lakers like to call it…womp, womp, womp…
So as is the case with the Lakers and these dreaded two words – it’s likely going to be quite the anticlimactic and underwhelming experience yet again.
BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting possibilities and developments to look out for!
So join us as we get into:
Intro & News
  • (5:43) – The Ever Evolving PG13 Situation


Salary Cap 101 Crash Course + Free Agency Talk w/ Front Office Insider Keith Smith

  • (14:11) – PG13 to Boston?
  • (26:48) – DLO Trade + Save The Cap Space Plan
  • (32:02) – Lakers Staying Over The Cap for 2017 To Avail of Midlevel?
  • (39:34) – How Much Cap Space Do the Lakers Have If They Renounce Rights?
  • (43:02) – What Are Player Cap Holds + Brook Lopez Rental + Cap Benefits to Trading for PG13 Now?
  • (52:27) – Can Lakers Keep Lopez + Chase PG13 & LBJ?
  • (54:25) – Lopez As  A Trade Asset?
  • (55:26) – With PG13, How Much Cap Space Will They Have For Summer 2018?
  • (59:44) – Lakers 2017 Free Agency Plan: No Multi-Year Deals Whatsoever?
  • (1:04:27) – Which Free Agents Would be Open to a 1 Year OverPay?
  • (1:11:22) – 2018 Free Agents – Who Are We Punting For?
  • (1:14:45) – Sign Another Star (Not Named Paul George) This Summer? Blake?
  • (1:19:11) – Final Predictions On Who The Lakers Sign In 2017
  • (1:23:00) – Tommy’s Free Agency Predictions + Utilizing the Trade Angle In Free Agency

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