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A podcast by basketball fanatics talking Orlando Magic, NBA and more. Follow the hosts on twitter at: @andyrharrington @st_garlick *Not affiliated with the Orlando Magic*

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Tracy McGrady returns to the Magic organization and it is creating a lot of buzz in Orlando. The guys discuss T-Mac and his impact on the organization as well as the Dallas and Miami victories and how each player is coming along in the preseason. They talk extensively about the progress of Isaac, Simmons, Gordon, Payton and Hezonja. You also find out what football team Andy follows and what he dreams about at night --spoiler alert-- it's the Magic.

Andy and Steve recap the Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzles game. They breakdown the game and how the players faired after their first preseason game. They discuss Jonathan Issac's impressive 15 point performance as well as the exciting play of Jonathon Simmons. Steve explains his biggest pet peeve of  basketball Twitter, which is why you should "click" on this podcast.

The NBA's back! Media day just happened and training camp has officially started and Andy and Steve give insight and analysis on the team and what they have heard so far. They discuss expectations, roles, development and potential Eastern Conference All-Stars. Also, be sure to check out the new, Magic player hairstyles and what is trending. #WARlando

The guys discuss the lottery reform proposal and if the Magic would be better off tanking or going for the playoffs this year and much more. They also discuss a little Orlando Magic news and their Hurricane Irma experience this last week. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC Follow Andy: @AndyRHarrington Follow Steve: @st_garlick

Steve and Andy talk about the weekly Magic news, including Adreian Payne and a little Eurobasket. They also discuss the "Netflix" (Blockbuster)trade between the Celtics and the Cavs and the impact it will have on the conference and the Magic. They also open the mailbag and hear from the fans of the Orlando Magic Podcast.

Andy and Steve discuss what Magic fans should be optimistic about in a new segment called "Fire and Ice". They also go over the updated Nike uniform tweaks and the new schedule released this week. Possible NBA expansion?? Listen and find out!

Chris Axmann from Almighty Baller Radio joins the podcast to discuss unpopular opinions on the Orlando Magic. Wear your thick skin and prepare for some unusual takes on the Magic because Chris is bringing the heat. We also have a special announcement about the podcast from "Uncle Chris" at the beginning of the show, so tune in and find out!

Steve and Andy discuss the potential of a Kyrie Irving trade to Orlando. They recap the week in Magic news and talk about hypothetical situations the team could face this season and how to deal with them. You also find out what Andy's go-to halftime power drink is, and no, it's not Capri Sun.

Andy and Steve are joined by Philip Rossman-Reich in this crossover podcast with Locked On Magic. We go around the table discussing the Arron Afflalo signing, the offseason as a whole and explain why this year is a "prove it" year for the Magic as a whole.

The guys talk about the Jonathon Simmons signing and what he can provide this next year. They also discuss potential starting lineups and rotations for the start of the season. Also, what NBA players do you think would succeed in the NFL?

We discover more about Jonathan Isaac in the Orlando summer league. We recap the Shelvin Mack signing and other potential free agency moves for the Orlando Magic. We also uncover potential 2035 sleeper prospect, Cole Harrington.

Steve and Andy discuss Johnathan Isaac's game in depth and what he can bring to the Magic immediately. They also give realistic free-agent options for the Magic at each position. You will also find out what shoe brand Steve would choose if he were a pro. (Hint: It's not the Big Baller Brand).

Special episode!! Knee-jerk reaction to the Orlando Magic's draft pick, Jonathan Isaac and other trades the Magic made. Enjoy this hot take podcast where nothing is sugar coated. If you want sugar, go to Krispy Kreme.