The Truth – Ep. 4 – Snub Nose Special with CLNS Radio’s Nick Gelso

I almost screw up “CLNS”, but Nick Gelso (that’s @CLNS_Nick on Twitter) calls me “Snottie” so we’re even. We review the suck of the Celtics’ 1-3 week. Nick gives his thoughts on Boston’s pathetic rebounding, we talk about Isaiah Thomas’ All-Star snub, discuss Al Horford’s All-Star bona-fides (wait until you hear how much credit nick gives Horford for Isaiah’s 2017 improvement), debate which guard will be the odd man out in the summer of 2018, bemoan the overreliance on the analytics side of the house, and I do my best to not invite Nick to meet me in Temecula over his feelings about Marcus Smart.