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Kenny Beecham, aka Youtube’s King of the 4th Quarter, talks hoops with with a group of friends that love the game of basketball. One day, they asked themselves “Why don’t we record this?” – Through The Wire was born that day.

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The guys give their month 1 NBA awards, and play "The Panic Game" that leads to a huge argument about Lonzo Ball.

On this episode of TTWire the guys talk about Jahlil Okafor being held hostage by the Philadelphia 76ers, Lebron's huge night, and Week 2 awards.

On this episode, the guys talk about the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers, Markelle Fultz injury, and have a very heated debate about Patrick Beverley.

On this episode of TTWire, the guys tell who they think have won every award based on week one of the NBA season.

On this episode of TTWire the guys talk about Eric Bledsoe wanting out of Phoenix. surprising teams and players so far this season, and plenty more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills

On this episode of TTWire the guys talk about the first couple days of the NBA season. Are people overreacting to what has happened so far? How good could The Celtics be without Hayward? What rookie has been most impressive? and plenty more. Twitters @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @Hoop4life_Mills @Mike24heard @TheKOT4Q

On this episode of Through The Wire the guys ask questions sent to them by the listeners of the show using #AskTheWire. Twitter: @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills @TheKOT4Q

The guys give their predictions on all the awards for this upcoming NBA season, they play a trivia game, and they talk about their future plans.    Twitters: @TTWirePodcast @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills @TheKOT4Q

In this episode of TTWire the guys talk about Dwyane Wade being bought out and signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Russell Westbrook's new contract, and who is the best shooter in the group.

In this episode the boys talk about Carmelo Anthony being traded just minutes after it happens. They also talk about Kevin Durant's second social media account, and recall some basketball memories from their past.  Hosts @TheKOT4Q @PeeWeeDaPlug @mike24heard @Hoop4life_mills

One this episode of TTW the guys talk about the early success of the podcasts, the top 100 rankings from Sports illustrated and ESPN, and the newly released NBA 2K18.