We The RapsCast, Ep. 14: Raptors Post-Mortem with Steve Sladkowski of PUP

This week Russell and Dan are joined by huge Raptors fan Steve Sladkowski, lead guitarist of the band PUP!

The three go on a philosophical basketball journey that includes eulogizing the latest Raptors season (1:47), Steve’s Raptors fandom and music career (5:25), and answer Listener Questions about what the Raptors are going to do about Kyle Lowry’s free agency (17:30), whether or not Dwane Casey should be fired (27:01), whether the Raptors should retain some/all of their key guys, or tear it down (36:14), whether Masai Ujiri has a surprise major move in him this off-season (53:10), PUP’s upcoming schedule (1:08:25) and they finish the whole delicious sundae off with a debate about the Raptors versus Huskies, and somehow, Vince Carter (1:13:40).