We The RapsCast, Ep. 19: Free Agency and Salary Cap Update with Daniel Hackett

Basketball Fans! Russell and Dan welcome cap guru Daniel Hackett back to the show this week to discuss the Raptors signings of Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka (2:55). Then, Hackett takes everyone to CBA school, illustrating what position the signings put the Raptors in financially (13:50), discussing what they can do to alleviate their potential luxury tax burden and why they’d want to (20:05). The guys then talk players the Raptors could/should target with the Mid-Level Exception (44:10), and finally, they take a look around the league and discuss their favourite and least favourite deals of free agency so far (56:17).

It’s a free agency bonanza! Included within are digs at Jason Kapono, Dan still refusing to forgive Vince Carter, a debate on whether or not Patrick Patterson comes back now that PJ Tucker is gone, and three separate stories about falling down the stairs. Enjoy.