ZardCast Ep. 33: Wizards Predictions, Eastern Conference Preview, John Wall Giving up Gummi Bears, Beef with the Fowl

Today on ZardCast, CT, David and Duncan convene on the eve of the Washington Wizards season opener to answer a number of predictive questions and preview the rest of the Eastern Conference. Plus: John Wall giving up Gummi Bears, spending a day with Randy Wittman, beef with the Fowl Shot, Otto Porter Vines, “The Milwaukee Zone” and plenty of trash talk.Topics discussed include:Duncan has three Christmases Rest in peace, Flip SaundersVegas has the Wizards win total at 46.5 wins, can they get over 50? What’s basement? (Barring a disastrous injury situation)“This Week in John Wall”CT botches sound drops, proves his fallibility John Wall reported to have given up Gummi Bears to improve his physique, conditioningDuncan used to wait on Wall while working at a restaurant, dude eats like a machineHow big do you think Wall’s poops are?Does Wall knot a triple double this year?What would you do with Randy Wittman if you had to spend a day with him? Duncan picks bowling, CT goes with old movie screening, David picks suit shoppingWho will be the most improved player on the Wizards be? Who will be the Wizards best bench player? Best hype guy on the bench?How many times the Verizon Center get free Chick-fil-a sandwiches this year? It was 14 last yearDave has a beef with the Fowl Shot, wishes the free chicken sandwiches were tied to the Wizards winning. Also, there’s (almost) one-and-a-half Chick-fil-as in the DistrictOtto Porter will be an internet darling this year, already has some solid vines to his name before the season even startedWill Bradley Beal average 20 points? What does Porter average? He’s going to be playing a lotHow many games does Nene missWhen does Nene