ZardCast Ep. 21: Wizards Take Game One, 5-0 in the Playoffs (I’m the Wiz and Nobody Beats Me)

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan sit down following the Wizards game one win over the Atlanta Hawks, pushing Washington to 5-0 in the playoffs and making them the first team in NBA history to win four consecutive game ones on the road. 

Topics discussed include:
“I’m the Wiz and Nobody Beats Me”Washington are 5-0 in the playoffs The ZardCast series preview pod with Grantland’s Andrew Sharp was good and you should check it outThe Wizards are the first team in NBA history to win four straight game ones on the roadDave is really impressed with the overall team defense, anchored by GortatDuncan says the way the Hawks lost was similar to how Washington blew games in the regular seasonHawks were rolling early, Damarre Carroll was hot, the Wizards were perplexedWizards Twitter loves Pierce at the four, Dave says the reason it really works is because of Gortat’s mobility and “periphs”