ZardCast EP. 66: Stuart from Long Island on the Knicks, The Wizards Winning Ways, Going DEEP with Lux on The Young Pope

Today on ZardCast, CT and Dave convene following a Washington Wizards win over the New York Knicks with friend of the pod Stuart from Long Island, who details the Knicks dysfunction. Later, the guys discuss the Wizards four game win streak, Otto Porter’s deadeye from three and This Week in John Wall. For the final 40 minutes Almighty Baller Editor-in-Chief Lux joins the guys to go deep on the first two episodes of The Young Pope.

Topics discussed include:

  • Stuart from Long Island joins CT and Dave following the Wizards win over the New York Knicks game
  • Stuart, a life long Knicks fan, explains when he soured on Carmelo Anthony
  • How much is Melo’s behavior a product of the franchise’s general dysfunction?
  • Phil Jackson’s free agency moves were a disaster
  • The Knicks lineups are completely erratic, guys play well and then get benched
  • No matter what, Kristaps Porzingas is the future
  • Stuart can’t root for the Brooklyn Nets because they are responsible for any future success of the Boston Celtics
  • A battle of inept back-to-back teams
  • The guys try and buy tickets online, Ticketmaster couldn’t tell them whether they bought them or not
  • Otto Porter is on fire from three, continued against the Knicks
  • John Wall was better and Melo, Wizards win their sixth straight at Madison Square Garden
  • Wizards got their 13th straight home win against the Memphis Grizzlies behind another big night from Otto
  • The bench has been playing better, could be halfway decent if Ian Mahimni ever returns
  • Dave is bracing for the impact of the Wizards trading their first round pick
  • Wizards smash the Portland Trailblazers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Scott Brooks let Jason Smith play himself into form, Randy Wittman probably wouldn’t have done that
  • John Wall exploded against the 76ers, buried them by himself
  • Dave is over Joel Embiid
  • Wizards have a big stretch of games against Eastern Conference foes
  • Eastern Conference standings, taking pot shots at the Celtics
  • This Week in John Wall
  • John gets fined, probably won’t be an All Star Game starter, appeared on a Disney show
  • Almighty Baller’s editor-in-chief Lux joins the guys to talk extensively about The Young Pope for basically the last 40 minutes of the show

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