ZardCast EP. 67: Having a Basketball Podcast is Really Nerdy and Kind of Sad with SI’s Andrew Sharp

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary following a Washington win over Charlotte to discuss the state of the Wizards with Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp. They get into his Kelly Oubre takes, thoughts on Scott Brooks, his personal low point of the season and the details on “F*ck Andrew Sharp” night. Later, the guys circle back around to the win in Charlotte, a winning road trip overall, last second loss to the Pistons at the hands of Marcus Morris, This Week in John Wall and Pop Culture Detour.

Topics discussed include:

  • Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp joins the pod to discuss his beloved Washington Wizards because no one at work wants to hear him talk about them
  • Wizards beat the Hornets, Charlotte looks rough
  • Everything about Kelly Oubre has been a pleasant surprise
  • The Scott Brooks hire appears to be paying dividends for now
  • The guys explain to Andrew that they’re generally optimistic about the team
  • Andrew reveals his personal low point of the Wiz season, how much he’s turned the corner on them
  • How it came down to John Wall and Isaiah Thomas for the last spot on Sharp’s All Star Game ballot
  • What should the Wizards do at the trade deadline?
  • Gary divulges he’s a 76ers fan, Andrew Sharp dishes on Rights to Ricky Sanchez’s “Fuck Andrew Sharp Night” at the Verizon Center
  • Thoughts on the Celtics and a big game in the Phone Booth
  • Do you keep the John-Brad-Otto together? If you have to lose one, who is it?
  • What are two deep cut, Wizards things that Andrew has been keeping an eye on?
  • The guys circle back around to the Hornets game, the Wizards have a hard time holding the lead when they go into a prevent offense
  • There’s a Jason Smith sounder, the guys apologize for being mean to him
  • Losing to the Pistons on the road at the buzzer was a real ball breaker
  • Battle of the Morris brothers
  • Projecting the next four games
  • Looking at the Eastern Conference standings
  • The guys are going to Celtics game together
  • This Week in John Wall
  • Pop Culture Detour

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