ZardCast EP. 73: Crescendo-Wizards-Hype from 4-1 Roadie, Wall and Beal Cooking, CT Returns from Japan

Today on ZardCast CT, Dave and Gary convene to recap a 4-1 road trip – a West Coast swing that saw weirdness, epic comebacks, great play from John Wall and Bradley Beal, the bench coming through, perhaps the most exciting stretch of the season.

Dave and Gary tell CT about what he missed in a strange win over the Phoenix Suns, Markieff Morris’ flailing limbs and beating the Denver Nuggets, an overtime comeback victory against the Sacramento Kings, and and even bigger comeback, overtime, last second win over the Portland Trailblazers. And that loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

They also get into Wall’s Eastern Conference Play of the Week Award in This Week in John Wall and how Wall thinks Beal should’ve taken the honors. What’re his Eastern Conference Player of the Month odds? Looking ahead to the next week, including a big game at the Celtics, and looking at the Eastern Conference standings. Guessing the win total with 50 games certainly in play.

Later, CT has gifts for his friends, shares his Suggestions for America after his week in Japan, and Pop Culture Detour featuring plane movies and Missing Richard Simmons.