ZardCast EP. 74: Decrescendo, Wall’s 20 Assists, Grocery Store Line Efficiency, Ernie Grunfield Bracket

Today on ZardCast the CT, Dave and Gary convene to discuss the Wizards recent slide on the heels of the season’s crescendo. They get into a pummeling by the Celtics, John Wall’s 20 assists against the Bulls, where Washington stands in the Eastern Conference, the Ernie Grunfield bracket and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • ZardCast will be on Almighty Baller Radio on the Dash app
  • Wizards are swooning
  • Get pummeled by the Boston Celtics
  • Diagnoses for the dreadful defense since the All Star Break
  • Washington allows 39 points in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Mavericks, loses
  • The guys voice their distrust in dentists, doctors and share bad experiences
  • CT and Dave watch the Bulls game, book a trip to Ecuador
  • Grocery store talk, line efficiency
  • John Wall notches a career high 20 assists, in a winning effort
  • Wizards lose a boring game to the Hornets, CT has a hankering for beer pong
  • Looking ahead to home games against the Nets and Hawks, beginning of the road trip at the Cavaliers and the Lakers. Are there spots for any of the starters to rest?
  • Looking at the rest of the Eastern Conference, where the Wizards stand, confidence against against the Hawks, Pacers, Bucks, Heat and Pistons
  • Dave tries really hard to maintain his positive demeanor
  • This Week in John Wall, 20 assists against the Bulls, Wall’s 6th all time in assists
  • The resting debate that’s consuming the NBA newscycle
  • The Ernie Grunfield: 64 of Ernie Grunfeld’s free agent signings, in a bracket
  • Pop Culture Detour