ZardCast EP. 75: Wizards Clinch the Southeast, Kelly Scaletta on MVP qualifications, Controlling the Cavs on the Road, Well Bearded Pod

Today on ZardCast CT, Dave and Gary convene to discuss the relative importance of the Wizards winning the Southeast Division and breathe a sigh of relief after stay up to watch a win over the Lakers. Later, FanRag Sports’ Kelly Scaletta drops by to talk MVP qualifications and race, and his thoughts on the Wizards, Plus, the guys get into the statement win over the Cavaliers, look at the rest of the schedule, how the guys are well bearded, TMZ catching the Wizards out in Los Angeles, Whoa, Did You See That Game Last Night?, Pop Culture Detour and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • Wizards win the Southeast Division, on a four-game win streak
  • TMZ catches the Wizards out and about Los Angeles
  • Wizards beat the Lakers, guys stay up late watching
  • Kelly Scaletta joins the pod to talk MVP qualifications, his Twitter thought argument with Gary
  • Scaletta gives his reasoning why he thinks James Harden is the MVP, why it’s not Russell Westbrook and why John Wall sits at No. 5 in his MVP ladder
  • “Every time I watch the Bulls I think the TV threw up on itself”
  • Scaletta asks the guys who they’d rather see the Wizards hypothetically face in the second round
  • Wizards take out the Cavaliers on the road in a huge win
  • Mulling over playoffs minutes for the bench
  • John Wall starts the game hothothot, scores 37
  • Fun win over the Nets, Wizards clinch a playoff spot. Brandon Jennings throws crazy passes, starters get rest
  • Hawks game was boring, Wall and Bradley Beal close the door
  • Looking ahead to the next week’s worth of games, the drive for 50
  • The guys are well bearded, Dave nearly cuts off his finger
  • Looking at the rest of the Eastern Conference
  • This Week in John Wall
  • Whoa, Did You See That Game Last Night? – Clippers edition
  • Albert Burneko’s take on the Wiz needing rest, Wiz media gets mad
  • Pop Culture Detour