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ZardCast EP. 82: Wizards Down 0-2 To Celtics, How Much To Eat Poop?, Boston Bash Sesh

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary convene to discuss the Washington Wizards 0-2 hole to the Boston Celtics. Plus, how much to eat a piece of poop?, John Wall’s big night, Bradley Beal’s bummer of a night, reasons to be positive, bashing Boston fans, flipping back to game one, reflecting on a series win over the Atlanta Hawks and much more.

Topics discussed include:

  • How much would you need to get paid to eat poop?
  • Gary reveals to the world he licked dog poop on a dare as a kid
  • The guys still feeling ok with the Wizards down 0-2
  • Breaking down Bradley Beal’s dreadful night
  • Bench rotation talk, nobody likes the John Wall-Brandon Jennings combo
  • CT is mad about Isaiah Thomas’ soft fouls, Wall takes a beating and doesn’t get the same treatment
  • Physical game all around
  • Frustrating to see the starters wear down. Foul trouble has killed the Wizards
  • Ian Mahinmi’s return still a complete mystery
  • Wall has a huge night, unfortunately doesn’t do it for the Zards
  • John’s last shot in regulation was circa 2015 John Wall end of quarter shots
  • A big, cathartic Boston-bashing session
  • Gary floats an alternate universe-Isaiah Thomas-Bill Simmons conspiracy theory
  • Revisiting game one, the exciting start and the ultimate loss
  • Dave get drunk at his mom’s birthday party, shampoo effects his day to watch game one
  • The guys are kind of confident, excited for game three
  • Ellen Degeneres keeps coming up on the show
  • Reflecting on the series win over the Atlanta Hawks, Wall has an epic game six to close out the series
  • Wall’s Instagram post, CT semi-rudely buries himself in his phone during a wedding following game six
  • Phil Chenier’s last game. REMINDER: IT WAS A BAD DECISION

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