ZardCast EP. 86: “If No One Listens At Least We Hung Out With Each Other”

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Gary come out of the darkness and face a cold and harsh world without Wizards basketball. They get into lingering thoughts and pain from the end of the season, the likelihood of Otto Porter getting paid, NBA Finals, the great Wawa debate, Dave loves bitmojis and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • The guys get into how much of the Eastern Conference Finals they watch
  • What they’ve been up to since Washington was bounced from the playoffs
  • Lingering thoughts and pain from the end of the season
  • The likelihood Otto Porter will be paid a large amount of money by the Wizards
  • Marcin Gortat’s disgruntled comments at the end of the season
  • Running down the roster with word/confidence association game
  • CT loves Tomas Satoransky
  • Getting into the NBA Finals/Kevin Durant/IS THE NBA RUINED? debate
  • Very serious and personal thoughts on Wawa coming to D.C.
  • Dave loves bitmojis
  • Pop Culture Detour

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